This artist illustrates everyday life with her boyfriend and cat in 20 adorable illustrations

Mikiko is a German-Japanese artist who currently lives in London, UK. She creates fun comics about her daily life with her adorable cat, named Emi, who is probably her “favorite thing in the world”.

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As I grew up, Mikiko moved around a lot. “I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Hong Kong, Germany, Japan and Belgium, so manga (Japanese comics) was a way to connect me at home,” she told Bored Panda. “I always drew, but at 12, I read my first Shonen Jump magazine (action-adventure!) And decided that was what I wanted to do as a job. The artist finds inspiration for his comics everywhere. “Mainly people, music and life in general. Other artists too of course! People are so creative and funny, it’s inspiring. Take a look at some of his fun comics below and vote for your favorites!

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