Tiny Kitten Jumps Out Of Nowhere And Climbs Up On A Hiker, Determined To Stay With Him Forever

Life tends to throw surprises at us when we least expect it. This man went for a hike, and he assumed that was all that was going to happen. However, sometimes unplanned and unexpected things can happen…

This hiker set his GoPro camera and set out to hike the 21K river, with only one goal in mind – to get to the end where the river disappears. His hike was going just as he planned, but just as he was about to turn off his camera, he heard meows…

As the sound of meowing became louder, the hiker realized that there was a kitten somewhere near. This curious and playful kitten caught the hiker’s attention and he couldn’t resist the kitten’s cuteness.

The hiker felt sorry for the kitten as it seemed hungry and unwell. He gave it some food and hoped that it would go back to wherever it came from. However, the kitten did not.

The hiker tried “talking some sense” to the kitten, but the kitten now had a goal in mind… it needed to stay with the human it chose.

The hiker had a hard decision to make…

However, as days passed by, the hiker grew fond of the kitten as well. They formed a strong bond and the kitten is now living in a loving home. He has been vet checked and is now growing into a healthy and happy cat.

You can hear his happy purrs in the video below.