The Oldest Cat In The World, 31-Year-Old, Still Has Many Lives Left birthday..

This tabby kittie, a contender to be the oldest cat in the world, has just celebrated its 31st birthday. His name is Nutmeg, and he chose his people by appearing some 26 years ago in their backyard. “He’s running the house and he’s lovely,” Nutmeg’s people said. Liz and Ian Finlay, loving owners, took the cat back in 1990 as a stray that helped their own cat Spice.

When they introduced the kittie to their local cat protection for Nutmeg’s treatmentAbscess on the throat, the cat was at least 5 years old, they informed the owners. This would make Nutmeg the world’s oldest cat, but to qualify for Guinness Records, the owners must demonstrate the records proving their age – and that’s pretty hard, but they’re working on it.

Nutmeg endured a very severe stroke last year, but now he’s getting up and going stronger, making those around wonder how many life this cat has. “He’s not our cat, we’re his people, and he’s never letting us skip that. Perhaps that’s his lengthy and happy life’s secret.

Nutmeg, the world’s oldest cat inofficially, has just celebrated his 31st birthday (141 in human years).

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