13-year Old Shelter Cat Gets Adopted, Can’t Fall Asleep Unless His Human Holds His Paw

Meet Jamie, the Burmese cat, 13, who ended up in a shelter after his proprietor relocated to a nursing home and was unable to bring him with her. He had cat flu, poor teeth and kidney issues when Jamie arrived at RSPCA Australia, but they gave the kitty the medical care he required. Nevertheless, the employees were concerned that nobody would want such an old cat.

Then there stepped in a young lady named Sarah Dempsey. She went to the shelter in search of a cat to maintain her business. “He was asleep when I first encountered[ Jamie], but he woke up as I bent down to see him,” Dempsey told The Dodo. “Obviously he wanted some pats… I realized he would save me from feeling alone, and I would do the same for him.”

She took Jamie home, and now he’s obsessed with her. “He won’t leave my side,” Dempsey said. “He likes talking to me at night and follows me around my apartment.”

But the best part is that if his new mother doesn’t hold his hand, the cat won’t even sleep. “Waking up, meows, and claws my hand back to him if I let go,” said Dempsey. “I believe we’ve already been bonding.”

He was frightened, ill, and uncertain why he was alone when Jamie arrived at the RSPCA shelter. But now the nice cat has discovered a wonderful place to call home with a mother who’s always going to carry his paw as he sleeps. We’re so happy to find each other these two!

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