Is This The World’s Best Job Or What? A Cat Sanctuary With Over 600 Cats

Imagine going to work every day in a tropical paradise, surrounded by more than 600 cats. That’s the daily routine at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, where these feline friends are living their best lives.

Each day starts early with breakfast, and they go through about a hundred pounds of cat food.

The main job here is to pamper these cats and ensure that every day is purrfect for them. One of the workers shares:

“I really have the best job in the world. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and wouldn’t change anything for it!”

Well, I see no better job anywhere.

It truly feels like the best job ever. And guess what? You can even visit this utopian paradise.

Located in Hawaii, you can find all the details on their official website. The workers emphasize the importance of visitors, especially for socialization. As one worker explains:

“Our visitors don’t even realize they play such an important role in socializing our cats. So we host weddings!”

The sanctuary also offers yoga classes, all in the hopes of finding homes for these cats. Socialization is vital, and visiting the sanctuary can make a big difference.

Their goal is to prepare all the cats for human companionship, ensuring they are well-prepared for the possibility of finding their forever homes.

Kathy, the sanctuary’s founder, tells the story of how it all began, starting with one injured kitten. Cats on the island were struggling, and there was no local vet. They work tirelessly to rescue feral cats and prepare them for sanctuary life.

“All of this started with just one little injured kitten. Cats were starving, getting hit by cars. No vet living on the island.”

They strive to catch all feral cats and welcome them into the sanctuary. Whenever there’s a new cat on the way, they make sure it is healthy and ready to be a part of the sanctuary.

It’s always important to make sure that the cat is comfortable being around other cats, especially in such large numbers. They always let the cat get familiar with its new surroundings.