Job Offer: This company is looking for people to cuddle cats all day

The infallible loyalty of the dog, the proud appearance of the cat or the impassiveness of the goldfish… Each domestic animal offers a qualification which is specific to it and which determines our choice in the adoption of an animal.

According to our needs and our desires, we will choose such or such animal so that it balances us from a psychological point of view because having a domestic animal, it is especially to feel the pleasure of a company and all the benefits which result from it .

“Ronrontherapy” or how to relax thanks to cats
One of the benefits of having a cat, in particular, is thought to be “ronrontherapy”, a therapy that makes you smile but turns out to be more than serious. Indeed, according to the Toulouse veterinarian, Jean-Yves Gauchet, the purring of cats, that is to say the low frequencies in hertz that a cat emits, allow to calm the animal as well as the human being. To arrive at this conclusion, he carried out a study on 250 people asking them to listen to a purring CD, which lasts about thirty minutes, every day. The results showed that the subjects of the study felt well-being, serenity as well as greater ease of falling asleep. Moreover, these low frequencies emitted by the cat, from 25 to 50 hertz, are the same as those used by health professionals, including physiotherapists, to repair cracked bones, injured muscles and accelerate healing. In addition, music composers use these same frequencies to arouse emotions.

Hearing purring, and therefore these low frequencies, promotes the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. As a result, we are in a better mood, relaxed and more able to enjoy quality sleep. In addition, it is a way to protect against certain ailments that affect us when we are sleep deprived.

In addition, caresses are just as beneficial, both for humans and for cats. For one, it helps to fill an emotional gap and for the other, it reassures him. This is why it is now possible to become a professional cat petting!

Profession: professional cat petting
Indeed, the Irish veterinary clinic, Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, which is only dedicated to cats, has published a job offer to find a person whose mission will be to cuddle cats.

Although it sounds funny, the profile sought must have the capacity to understand the purrs of the cat, to calm him by whispering soft words, to have soft hands and a voice in order to reassure him and to pet him all the time. day but also hold a veterinary assistant diploma.

The goal of this position is to allow cats who come out of surgery or those who stay in boarding in this clinic to feel comfortable, relaxed and to avoid any stress and anxiety.

It is therefore a position that makes cat lovers dream, provided you still have some feline skills!

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