This is why your cat goes crazy after having its needs

If you are the proud owner of a cat, you may have already witnessed a strange scene to say the least: after having pooped, your feline is literally taken by a stroke of madness and flees from his litter at full speed, ears drooping backwards, as if he were being chased. Sometimes he even leaves so quickly that he has not quite finished “his business”. As we know, cats can sometimes adopt bizarre and inexplicable behaviors. But here it is beyond comprehension. What can push your cat to run away after having gone to the toilet? Response elements.

He obeys his survival instinct
In reality, there is not one but several reasons which can explain such behavior in your cat. Indeed, many theories abound on the subject. The first supposes that this reflex to leave as far as possible from the litter is due to an instinct of survival deeply anchored in our feline friends. Indeed, in the wild, the cat quickly moved away from the place where it had done its toilets so that the predators could not, because of the odor, go up to him.

It is also for this reason that some cats recover their excrement. This allows them to hide the smell (the latter being particularly strong, as you may have noticed …). After covering them, they then scramble like rockets to get away from any potential threat.

He is happy
Another theory is that if your cat goes crazy after pooping, it’s just because he feels happy. Indeed, not only does he feel relieved but in addition, just like in humans, defecation stimulates a particular nerve in our feline friends.
However, this nerve can lead your cat to feel a feeling of intense joy, even elation. Your furry ball then returns to a euphoric state which pushes it to run everywhere during a few seconds, as if it carried out a “turn of the victory”.

He is ill
Another hypothesis defended by some scientists and veterinarians would be that the fact that a cat is completely mad after being in the litter box is in fact the sign of a health problem. So, if your cat feels embarrassed when he urinates or defecates, in particular because of a urinary tract infection or an inflammation of the colon for example, he will start running as far as possible in order to try to get rid of it. He wants to get away from the problem as soon as possible.
In this case, a consultation with the veterinarian is essential.

He can’t stand his smell
Some argue that such a disproportionate reaction in cats can be explained by the fact that they cannot bear the smell of their own feces. This would be more particularly the case for kittens.
He wants to get rid of the leftovers
Finally, a final theory is that your cat runs like crazy after its needs to get rid of the remains of excrement that it has not managed to get out.
You will understand, the exact reason which pushes our cat friends to adopt such behavior is still very mysterious, even if with all these theories we can still start to get an idea on the subject!

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