The family discovers that their cat leads a double life under another name with other owners

Two families made a disturbing and unusual discovery about their Pixi / Huarache cat. The events took place on the Mexican coast for two long years. All the while the cat actually had two families who were unaware of anything as Diario Jornada reported on November 25.

A very clever cat, that’s what you might think! Mary Lore Barra adores her Pixi cat. He’s a little rascal who loves to wander around. His family didn’t care because he came back all the time.

However, in October, Mary Lore Barra discovered the truth. Pixi had a new necklace. So she started to think that he had another home and that he was quietly enjoying two houses.

She then put a folded word in the collar of her Pixi. She wrote.

She quickly got her answer! Pixi reappeared with another word in his necklace saying

Here, his name is Huarache. Apparently he has two houses.

What a rascal! Two houses, twice as many caresses and above all twice as much to eat. Families have agreed to share custody of this famous Pixi / Huarache. They laugh well!

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