Leave your job and become a professional cat hugger

A veterinary clinic in Consilla, a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, has placed an ad for a unique job opportunity that any cat lover would love to skip if given the chance. The clinic called Just Cats is looking for a professional “cat hug” to help care for and show affection for the cats in their care. In addition to being required to be a huge fan and cat lover, the position itself on the Just Cats site describes the requirements as “soft hands capable of petting and petting cats for long periods of time”

However, the Irish Veterinary Council has stated that the post must require real qualifications. That didn’t stop the job from receiving requests from people around the world. The position also stressed that candidates should be “… quietly spoken and able to whisper to calm the nerves of some of our patients.” “

Do you have the right “cattitude” to apply for this position? The veterinary clinic for cats has declared that they are “an employer offering equal opportunities; however, we discriminate against dogs who visit our veterinary clinic as patients. This opportunity would place the new applicant in the position of caring for the animals by cuddling and showing affection. We wonder what the job application process should look like!

The Just Cats veterinary clinic currently employs up to 4 people, but is expanding its team with this new “cat hug” position.

The site also offers a handy blog for cat lovers filled with tips on how to take care of their pets, as well as ideas for names of Halloween and Pet! It is clear that they take this new workstation very seriously for a “cuddly cat”! Does this sound like good work for you?

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