The little girl sings “You Are My Sunshine” tenderly holding her dying cat in her arms

Saying goodbye to a pet is always extremely difficult. Our beloved animals are always by our side with a lot of love and support. It’s not for nothing that they are part of the family!

Their absence leaves a huge void physically and in our heart. It is a hard experience and accompanying this loved one in these last moments can allow him to be more peaceful when he breathes his last.

The video below is poignant. But it also shows how much animals like us need to be accompanied when they feel it is the end. This heartbreaking moment was filmed when a little girl was singing You Are My Sunshine for the dying family cat.

Bailey, 14, has been a beloved member of this family for over ten years. Above all, he had a very strong and special bond with young Abby.

One of the things the little girl loved most was to sing to her sweet cat. And she especially loves singing the beautiful songYou Are My Sunshine to him.

It was also a natural choice to sing this song during the final moments of Bailey.

Abby sang with all her heart for the dying cat and just hours after this poignant scene, Bailey died of kidney failure.

His family will never forget it. He left loved and supported by his loved ones.

This bittersweet moment between these two best friends will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Bailey. A thought to all of our pets who have left.

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