7 Years after his disappearance, this man finds his 19 year old cat

Seven years after losing his Chebon cat, Robert did not really hope to see him again one day. But while for him everything had been lost for a long time already, the phone call of a woman was going to upset his life.

The adorable Chebon had disappeared sometime before the move Robert had planned. His move was not trivial since he had to leave California to go to Ohio, about 2400 km!

But, devastated by the loss of his friend, Robert decided to cancel his plans and stay one more year in California to look for Chebon. In vain.

I remember that at one point I prayed and said to myself, ‘God, I’ll do anything, bring me my Chebon’, “says Robert.

The cat seemed to have disappeared forever and Robert had no choice but to move on.

As soon as he saw it, Robert recognized Chebon and burst into tears. After all these years, the two friends were together again!

The video of their reunion is particularly touching!

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