Man Keeps His Cat With Him While Swimming To Safety in Flood Waters

A guy held with him his beloved cat and swam in the increasing floodwaters to ensure that his cat made it safe as the torrential rains struck western Canada. In their pickup truck, Kevan Yaets and his cat Momo were stranded and had to swim safely before the car was submerged in floodwaters.

With his cat Momo firmly held in his arms, Kevan jumped out his truck’s back window while his vehicle slowly sinked into the floodwaters and was swept downstream. They began to swim to safety. Momo, followed by Kevan, went to the greater floor. Kevan swam tightly behind Momo to make sure his cat was all right. Their truck was totally overwhelmed, but Kevan and his cat Momo are pleased to be secure. With his cat tightly kept in his arms, Kevan crawls out his truck’s window while his truck sinks in floodwaters.

There have been enormous rains in Western Canada that have caused floods and demolished houses, automobiles, crops and many companies. The floods turned their life upside down for Kevan Yaets and his loving cat Momo. They lost their home, their vehicles, and all they built in life.

The pair were trapped in a car as the floods progressed, and Kevan held Momo tightly in his chest because the car began sinking. Kevan eventually realized they had to swim to rescue them, and Kevan did all he could to assist Momo swim to rescue him. They swam to the greater floor on their manner.

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