Kitten Born Very Special Gives Cuddles to Everyone She Meets

A kitten went for a opportunity in a better life to a local rescue. She’s been born very special and the cuddle-bug is quite unique.
For her spay surgery, an 8-month-old kitten named Zara was taken to the Fix’Em Clinic in Charleston, West Virginia. The vet noticed her breathing problems and decided that a specialist would first have to see her.

They reached out for assistance to Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (IBKC), a Charleston local rescue group. Little Zara was surrendered as her proprietor was unable to provide her thriving medical care.

With open arms, the rescue took her in. “She was taken for an examination to a local vet. IBKC board member Kathy Lucas informed Love Meow that we required an MRI for extensive diagnosis and possible therapy.

Everybody went to meet the nice kitten from the vet’s office and gave her what she wished – cuddles and more cuddles. “Every minute she loved it! In my life, I have never heard so many ‘ awws! ‘”

Two IBKC volunteers came to Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center to travel with the kitten out of state in hopes of defining their medical condition. They received responses for the cute feline after a couple of days.

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