5 reasons not to sleep with your cat

Even if we could give you 1000 reasons to sleep with your cat, we decided to make an article against what we usually see. Indeed, even if the presence of a cat can have a positive effect on your sleep, especially thanks to the soothing effects of its purring, it can also carry risks. So even if it does not prevent you from sharing your bed with your hairball, as far as you know.

It prevents you from sleeping
It is well known, cats are nocturnal animals. Unfortunately for you because, unlike your cat, you prefer to live the day rather than the night. Several studies have shown that the majority of cat owners who sleep with their pets are more tired than others, simply because of the annoying tendency of these little devils to wake us up several times a night. And this, for a yes or a no!

It can transmit you diseases
Even if the cat is a very clean animal, this does not prevent it from carrying bacteria or parasites transmissible to humans. So, if you do not want to catch intestinal worms, fleas, fungi or even a bacterial infection, keep your cat away from your pillow.
He puts hair everywhere
We are not going to lie, sleeping in the middle of an ocean of hair is never very pleasant. Plus, it’s not very good for your social life. Indeed, if one day you invite an asthmatic or allergic friend into your bed, you can be sure of never seeing him again.

It carries litter grains (and other …)
Admit it, if your cat decides, just after his passage to the litter, to plummet into your bed and wallow in your sheets, buttocks still wet, it is frankly not hygienic. And let’s not talk about the litter grains that he carries in his hair …
He will never agree to leave your bed
Know it, if you say yes once to your cat so that it comes to sleep in your bed, it will be strictly impossible for you to dislodge it afterwards. Indeed, once your bed has become his territory, he will no longer accept to be banished. And if, unfortunately, you try to close the door of your room or prevent him from getting on the bed, he might very well feel the need to mark his territory by urinating in your sheets. At your peril…

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